5 Signs of a Good Roofer

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So you have a roof leak and need roof repair. You need a good roofer.

Who do you call?

Most people do not have a list of contractors ready to review when disaster happens at home. For those who have been in their homes for years, catchy commercials may trigger a name, or service to call when in need of a roofer or other contractor. Maybe you have had a name branded into your brain from yard signs, service trucks, and a roofer’s name comes to mind when one is needed. Most of us find a roofing contractor by taking our search to the internet, or looking in a phone-book. Once you have a list of roofers to call, how do you identify the best local roofer for you?

A good idea when starting any project, is to do a little bit of homework on each company.

Start with a file for each one. In these files, have a simple checklist to fill out and a few key questions for each roofer. Check out our sample checklist below. Remember, you may need to adjust your list to be more specific to your project. Writing each contractor’s answers down will help you when deciding later. You’ll be able to compare the answers, and have a clear understanding of each company’s responses.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure that any contractor you work with has met your state’s minimum insurance requirements for worker’s comp and general liability. Any reliable company should be able to present you with current proof of insurance. Also, check their rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Five ways to identify a good roofer.

Have your form ready to fill out. On this form grade the roofer from 1-10, 10 being the best.

How did the first call go? Was the first impression good or bad? Was the call pleasant and professional? Were you notified of the estimators name and arrival time? Did you find that all of the companies you called set clear expectations and gathered enough initial information? At Point Roofing, we ask as many qualifying questions as possible. We do this to match you with the right estimator so we prepare your estimate in a timely manner.

On the day of the appointment was your estimator on time? If late, were you notified within a timely manner? At Point, we realize everyone has obligations and time constraints. We feel it is incredibly important to be respectful of your commitments and time.

Is the estimator prepared? Does he/she have brochures, and examples of jobs like yours? Does he have the correct equipment to look at the roof and provide you an accurate estimate? Did the roofing contractor have a professional appearance and tone? Were all of your questions and concerns addressed with confidence and in a timely manner?

Can the roofing contractor provide you with the credentials to do business such as licenses and proof of insurance certificates? Do not work with an uninsured contractor. Make sure that you protect one of your biggest investments.

Point Roofing Boise Idaho Roofer

Does the estimator ask for the job? Is he prepared to complete a contract and get you scheduled start the roof? Don’t be offended by this, it is their job to get business for their company and a well prepared and professional roofer will ask for the business.

Below is an example checklist

These are some good questions to ask to ensure that your project is being handled by an experienced, quality roofing contractor.

• Are you licensed and insured?
• Can you provide me with those certificates on initial appointment or email those to me?
• Are you able to provide 3-5 references upon request?
• How long have you been in business?
• What type/length of workmanship warranty do you offer?
• What type of warranty does the product you recommend offer?
• Do you recommend any particular upgrades based on the fact that we have harsh winters/summers/high winds/hail?
• Do you pull all of the appropriate permits?
• Will the roof be installed to manufacturers specifications?
• Do you use nails or staples to install the material?
• What type of underlayment do you use and why?
• Did you notice any areas that would need code upgrade?
• Does my house have proper ventilation? If not what do you recommend to resolve this and how will it benefit me?
• Are there any areas of concern on my roof that you think may incur additional costs?

Taking these tips into consideration along with any other questions you may have will ensure a quality job is completed.


Remember, Roof with the Best, or leak with the rest!

For expert residential and commercial roof maintenance and repairs in the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas, contact us today. Point Roofing and Restoration is an Idaho roofer rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and serve Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Garden City, Star, Middleton, Homedale, Marsing, Greenleaf, and the surrounding areas.


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