7 Reasons You Should Replace Your Gutters in Boise, ID

When is it the right time to replace your gutters in Boise, ID? And why is it important? In order for us to answer these questions, you must understand the many ways that your gutter protects your home.

For instance, your gutter directs rainwater safely away from your house and landscape. Without this, the siding of your house and your lawn/landscape would be worn away by excess moisture.

Damage like this is an advanced sign that you need to replace your gutters. Although, there are less drastic signs you can look out for before your home incurs such harm.

Fortunately, you’ll learn to spot these warning signs by reading the guide below. You’ll also learn the damage that will take place if you don’t replace your gutters in time. To know all about why and when to replace gutters, read this guide.

1. Rot, Cracks, or Holes

If you can easily see the signs of rust and rot in your gutters, then it’s long past time to replace them. This rot will only get worse and it will even spread to other parts of your house, like your siding.

However, such extensive rot start’s much smaller. You can prevent your gutters from getting to this point by looking it over right now. Check for small holes and cracks, especially around any dents.

Really, your gutters shouldn’t have any dents because they will, eventually, become holes. If your gutter is dented or damaged at all, have it replaced.

2. Worn Seams

Aside from damage and rot, gutters simply get worn down over time. The most likely places for this to happen are the seams where two sections of your gutter connect. When these become worn, they allow water to leak out from your gutter onto the siding of your home and into your lawn.

Check your gutter seams now for signs of wear. If you see any, have your gutters replaced.

3. Pooling or Overflowing Water

Clogged gutters are another kind of problem. This will cause water to collect in pools in your gutter.

These pools of water are heavy and your gutter is not designed to hold this much weight for an extended period of time. This can put strain on the brackets that support your gutters. Eventually, this causes the warping and denting of your gutters.

Also, clogs can cause water to overflow upon your house and yard, defeating the purpose of your gutter entirely. Ultimately, this excess moisture causes water damage to your property.

Overflow is pretty easy to spot. Next time it rains, check your entire gutter. See if there are any points where water is drizzling over the side of the gutter.

Next, if you do see these signs, call the best roofing contractor in your area. They will see if it’s a clog that can be fixed or if you need a new gutter.

4. Your Gutters Are Pulling Away From the Roof

As mentioned, pooled water in your gutters puts strain on the supporting gutter brackets. Also, leaky or overflowing gutters can rot the fascia.

The fascia is a board that runs alongside your gutters. It supports both the gutters and the edge of the roof itself. Damage to the fascia can lead to a leak in the roof or other roof damage.

In any case, the most obvious sign of this damage is when your gutter sags or pulls away from the roof. If you see this, call a gutter service or roofing professional right away.

5. Landscape Erosion

Overflow from your gutters can erode your landscape, causing water damage to various parts of your yard and property. This includes:

  • Your lawn
  • Your deck/patio
  • Your driveway
  • Pathways

For example, the excess moisture can cause cracks to form in concrete driveways, landings, or pathways. It can also cause your lawn to become uneven or misshapen.

Your deck or patio can become warped, too. Or, the wood decking could be weakened by the excess moisture, making it more susceptible to rot and decay.

6. Paint Peeling

You may notice the paint peeling in certain spots on your siding. This is often an indication of gutter problems.

You see, when water overflows or leaks from your gutters, it typically drips down the side of your home. over time, this erodes the paint right off of your siding. The most troubling issue here is that this can also damage the wood underneath.

7. Mold, Mildew, Wood Rot

Once the gutter leaks erode the paint on your siding, it can cause the wood underneath to rot. It can also allow the growth of mold and mildew.

In fact, faulty gutters can even damage your roof and cause moisture to leak inside your home as well. This is a known cause of indoor mold infestations.

Mold is a health hazard to your household. Besides that, this moisture intrusion threatens the integrity of the entire building. Therefore, if you see any of these advanced signs of gutter problems get your gutters replaced immediately.

Replace Your Gutters in Boise, ID Before It’s Too Late

Did you notice any of these warning signs? If so, get your gutters replaced now, before the damage is worse.

Hopefully, though, you didn’t see these signs. In that case, make sure it stays that way. Use this guide to check for these signs every spring and fall.

Whether you have a leak in the roof or you need to replace your gutters in Boise, ID, put your trust in the best roofing contractor. Contact Point Roofing today for a free inspection and quote.

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