7 Steps To A New Residential Roof Replacement From Point Roofing & Restoration: What Should You Expect After You Sign The Contract?

7 Steps To A New Residential Roof Replacement From Point Roofing & Restoration: What Should You Expect After You Sign The Contract?

Getting a whole new roof on your home can be an exciting time. A new roof protects your home from the elements much better than a worn, aged, or damaged roof. And, with a new roof, you can stop worrying about leaks or significant damage. As a homeowner, you might feel nervous about the actual residential roof replacement process. Knowing what to expect from a roof replacement can ease your mind. When you rely on Point Roofing and Restoration to replace your roof, we follow these steps:

Home and Yard Preparation

When replacing a roof, we start by preparing your home and yard. Our roofing team takes steps to protect your property from damage due to falling debris and other hazards during a roof replacement. We place tarps over landscaping and move outdoor furniture to a safe area. We may also put tarping on your home exterior around the roofline, which helps ensure that debris falls into a dumpster or trailer rather than being scattered around your yard.

Tear Off

Before we can install your new roof, our team needs to take the old one off. This process involves tearing off your existing roof one section at a time. We take care to ensure that debris falls into the dumpster or trailer as much as possible. This helps keep your yard free of nails and other pieces of your old roof. However, some materials might land in your yard outside the tarp. Keep in mind that our roof replacement process includes a thorough cleanup.

Roof Deck, Valley, and Projection Inspection

Once the old roofing materials have been removed, our team will carefully inspect the roof deck, valleys, and other projections. These areas sometimes develop wood rot or other problems that we must address before the new roof is installed. During these inspections, we’ll look for signs of problems with these parts of your old roofing system.

Residential Roof Replacement and Repair

Depending on the inspection results, your roof deck, flashing, and other components might need to be repaired or replaced. Our team can replace worn or damaged roof decking with new materials so that your new roofing system has a solid foundation. This is an important step. Once the decking is in good condition, the shingle nails will be able to grab the wood and stay in place on your roof! After any necessary decking is replaced, we’ll also replace flashing around chimneys and other projections, which helps prevent leaks from occurring in these vulnerable areas.

Waterproof Layer

When you have a new roof deck or an existing one in good condition, the next step in the roof replacement process involves installing a waterproof layer. This underlayment is a weatherproof barrier that protects your roof, attic, and the rest of your home interior from water damage. The underlayment is placed right on your roof deck before the rest of your new roofing system is installed.

New Shingle Installation

After our team installs the waterproof layer on your roof deck, we’ll install your new shingles. These shingles serve as the final layer that protects your home from rain, snow, ice, and other hazards. Once your new shingles have been installed, our team will do a walkthrough to ensure your new roof is all set. If you have any concerns or questions about your new roof, we encourage you to let us know.


Although we try to catch as much debris as possible and keep it off your lawn, some nails and other materials might fall there. As part of our roof replacement process, we clean up all nails and other roofing debris from your property. This helps keep your family and pets safe from injury.

Additional Tips for Homeowners

What else can you expect from a roof replacement? Since roof replacement is a noisy process, you might want to bring your kids and pets to a friend or family member’s home while work is done. A roof replacement involves having roofers walk around on your roof and use equipment to remove and install roofing materials, which can create a lot of noise.

Vibrations from work being done on your roof might put items in your home at risk of falling. You might want to remove mirrors and other breakable items from walls to protect them from damage.

You should keep your car out of the driveway during your roof replacement to protect it from debris. You can either park on the street or in the garage unless your roof replacement includes replacing an attached garage roof.

If your Boise home needs a roof replacement, don’t hesitate to contact Point Roofing and Restoration. We have an experienced team of roofers ready to handle your roof replacement with the utmost care. You can depend on us for high-quality service when you need a new roof installed, as well as roof repairs and maintenance.

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