8 Critical Questions to Ask Your Residential or Commercial Boise Roofing Contractor

The roofing industry has grown dramatically over the past few years, and the current market size stands at an impressive $45.1 billion. There are over 100,000 roofing companies in the US, employing thousands of roofing contractors, hundreds of who are in Boise. For this reason alone, finding the right roofing contractor for either commercial or residential roofing has become a stressful ordeal.

Not all Boise roofing contractors are cut from the same cloth, and while a majority of them are professional in their trade, there are a few that would give you nothing short of frustration. Not to mention bad workmanship and expensive roof repairs! This means you need to do your due diligence during your search so you can locate the most competent of the lot.

The question is, where do you start? Well, one of the best ways to find a professional and competent contractor, regardless of the field, is asking the right question. In this post, we’ll guide you through some of the most critical questions you need to ask Boise roofing contractors so you can find the right one.

1. Are You Licensed in Our State?

The very first thing you want to know about a Boise roofing contractor is whether they are licensed to work in the State of Idaho. Different states have different roofing codes and requirements, which means that a roofing contractor in Boise needs to understand the code requirements in the locality.

This will ensure that you’re working with someone who will comply with the right codes. It’s also vital for you to know whether their license is up-to-date because it will give you legal recourse in case something happens during the project.

Additionally, you also need to know if they have an energy star rating. Whether or not they offer star roofing determines how much energy you’ll save.

2. Do You Carry the Right Insurance Policies?

There are many insurance policies that a roofing company needs to have, but general liability and workers’ compensation are two of the most important. It’s required by law that a roofing company carries workers compensation insurance, but it’s still advisable for you to ask and be sure nonetheless.

You see, in the event of an injury within your property, there’s a risk that you could be liable for the medical expenses if the company does not carry this insurance policy. Asking to see that they do is only protecting yourself and knowing that the company cares enough for the employees. Besides that, the company needs to have general liability insurance as well.

In the event of an accident, and there are damages to the property, the insurance company will pay for the damages. This will also prevent you from being responsible and having to pay for this damages yourself.

3. Will You Use Roofing Subcontractors

Some roofing contractors hire subcontractors to handle some projects. In this case, you would also have to verify the subcontractors as well to ensure they also have workers’ compensation and general liability. You also have to make sure that they’re as qualified to handle the roofing project.

Some contractors will outsource projects to substandard subcontractors who will not deliver the kind of work the contractor themselves would. Beyond that, if you’re dealing with subcontractors, you will also have to pick up lien waivers to ensure that the contractor does pay them.

4. Will You Remove the Old Roof

If you’re a homeowner looking to replace an old roof, you should ask the roofing contractor whether they will remove the old roof. You’d be surprised to find that there are contractors that’ll decide to install a new roof over the old one. The problem is that the old roof already has problems, and they will still linger despite the new roof installation.

Those issues will present larger problems in the future because repairs will become hectic since you’ll be dealing with two layers of roofs. More concerning than that is the fact that the weight of both roofs may be too much to handle for your home.

They may compromise the integrity of the property, presenting even bigger problems. Not all Boise roofing contractors will do this, but you need to ask to be sure instead of being surprised when you find that’s what they did.

5. What Is Your Physical Address

Was searching for the best boys roofing contractor, you want to make sure that they have a physical location. Fly-by-night contractors only available on the internet are out to swindle people.

If they give you a PO Box, then it’s a red flag so insist on getting their physical business address along with their phone number. With this information, you can also make sure they are legitimate local businesses.

6. Will You Provide a Warranty on My New Roof

Whether you’re installing a residential or a commercial roof, you need to make sure that you’re getting a warranty. Ask how long it will last, and inquire whether you also get a guarantee for their workmanship.

7. Who Do I Talk to During the Project

Communication is one of the most essential aspects of a successful roofing project, and you can be sure you will have tons of questions before completion. Suppose you come back from work to find a hole in the roof. You will want to know whether the roofers will cover it before they leave and what would happen if it rained in the middle of the night.

It’s vital that the roofing contractor tells you who will be the project manager and whether they will be available to answer all your questions and concerns. Sometimes you can’t just talk to the subcontractors or workers because they may not have the right answers if they’re not in charge.

8. Will You Give Me a Written Estimate

A detailed written estimate is your best friend, and a company should be able to provide you with one before you sign or agree to anything. The estimate should include all the tasks, from removing the old roof to the cost of the material and labor.

Check if they have any contingency fees set aside for unplanned damages or setbacks. The trick here is to ensure that you don’t get any surprise costs or hidden expenses when the work is done. Ask whether they offer free no-obligation estimates.

Finding the Best Boise Roofing Contractor

It’s vital for you to ask these questions when shortlisting the best Boise roofing contractors. You must ensure that they are qualified and experienced enough to handle the kind and size of the project you have on offer. That said, if you’re in the market for a Boise roofing contractor, Point Roofing & Restoration is at your service.

We’re an A+ rated company on BBB, and you can rest assured we’ll deliver on all exceptions, regardless of the type of your roofing project. If you’re in need of roof repair, roof restoration, or a new roof, please get in touch, and our experts will be ready to handle your project.

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