8 Reasons Why DIY Roofing Repair or Replacement Is a Bad Idea

Whether your roof needs a few repairs or a complete overhaul, you may be tempted to do it yourself. Heck, repairing your own roof could save you a ton of money, right?

Wrong. While DIY roofing may save you money initially, it could end up costing you way more down the road.

Keep reading for the top reasons to say no to DIY roofing.

1. Safety

The first and most important thing to consider about DIY roofing is the safety factor. Most roofs are a lot steeper than they look from the ground. How much time have you spent on a roof working, carrying heavy objects, and doing manual labor?

Unless you have a professional background in roofing, leave the roof work to your professional Boise roofers. It’d be absolutely horrible if you fell and injured yourself trying to save money on a roofing job. The hospital bills alone would probably end up costing you more than whatever your insurance wasn’t going to cover for the roof.

Worse yet, if you fell and landed wrong, it could cost you your life. Saving money on roofing repairs isn’t really worth risking your life, right?

2. Workmanship and Know-How

Have you ever seen the Netflix show “Nailed It”? It’s a show about amateurs who try to bake professional custom cakes shaped like people, buildings, animals, etc.  The show is hilarious simply due to the fact that the contestants fail miserably trying to reproduce professional work.

The same will be true in DIY roofing. Without training and education, you simply can’t match the level of workmanship and know-how of professional roofers.

Doing your own roof work could result in a poorly executed job, leaving your roof and what lies beneath it (your entire home) vulnerable to the elements. A small leak could result in water damage ranging from harmful mold to structural damage like wood rot.

3. Warranties

When you look for “professional roofing companies near me” for a repair or replacement, you get the amazing perk of having the work warrantied. That means your roof and the materials used are guaranteed to hold up and do their job for a certain number of years.

Professional roofing jobs also include free work or repairs, should anything falling under the warranty fail. That means they’ve got you covered, which can’t be said if you choose DIY roofing.

4. Quality of Materials

Additionally, professional roofers get their top-notch supplies from large contractor supply companies. That means they get the good stuff at a heck of a discount. The materials themselves often come with warranties and guarantees.

However, trying to obtain materials of equal quality on your own will be much more costly, especially if you’re looking at a big job. Using cheaper materials of inferior quality will give your roof less durability and will wear out much quicker. Unlike the materials professional Boise roofers use, most cheaper materials don’t come with their own warranties.

5. Time

They say time is money, but honestly, time is worth more than money. It’s the one thing you can spend and never get back.

Depending on the size of the job, DIY roofing could take you days or weeks to complete on your own. If you already work full-time, that means you’re going to be spending all of your weekends and time off plugging away at the roof.

Wouldn’t it be better to hire a professional roofing company that can knock out the entire project within a day or two? You’ve got more important things to do with your time than sit up on a roof risking your safety.

6. Damage Assessment

When people do DIY roofing, they risk missing important problems or red flags. Unless you’re trained, you don’t really know what to look for to determine the status of your roof. Sure, you can tell when shingles or flashing are obviously damaged, but what about small leaks or underlying damages hidden below?

Even if you know you have a leak in your ceiling, it can be very difficult to locate the source while up on the roof. Additionally, many DIY roofers end up damaging their roof by walking on shingles while they’re hot or causing new leaks by pulling out the wrong nails, etc.

7. Insurance

Insurance companies are businesses just like any other. They want to make as much money as possible and spend as little of it in return. So when they insure you, they want to make sure they’re making a wise investment.

When you do DIY roofing, you may void your insurance coverage for your roof, as they don’t have as much faith in your roofing abilities as they do in professional Boise roofers.

Say you do your own small repairs all year long and then a massive hail storm comes through. Now, you need a new roof and want to hire a professional roofing company, under the impression that your insurance will pay for it. However, if they find out you’ve been doing your own repairs, they’ll likely void your coverage and refuse to pay for a new roof.

8. Peace of Mind

Lastly, when you opt to seek out “professional roofing companies near me,” it gives you peace of mind that DIY roofing can’t provide. Hiring the experts ensures the job is well done, it’s under warranty, and jives with your insurance company.

When the next big storm comes through, you won’t be worrying about your DIY roofing job holding up or stressing about not having it covered by insurance.

Don’t Do DIY Roofing—Get a Free Inspection and Quote Instead

Still not sure if DIY roofing is all that bad? Contact us today and we’ll come down and give you an inspection and quote on your roof, absolutely free. Then, you can decide if you want to do it on your own or if you want our help!

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