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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Roofing Companies in Boise

If you’re like many homeowners, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of your home. Sometimes that’s with small projects like painting and replacing light fixtures.

Other times, it’s making a big investment to replace a roof or HVAC system. By some estimates putting a new roof on your house provides over a 60 percent return on investment in value to your home.

If you’re considering a new roof for your home, you might be looking for the best Boise roofing company to do the work. After all, if you’re going to make the investment in your home, you want the job done well.

With so many options, choosing roofing companies can be a little daunting. Are you wondering how to avoid making the wrong choice in a roofer?

Read on to learn the mistakes to avoid when hiring a Boise roofing company.

Check Roofing Company’s Reputation

Don’t underestimate the importance of a roofing company’s reputation in the industry. If you have access to people in the construction industry, ask about the roofer you’re considering.

If you don’t, ask friends, family, and neighbors who they’ve used for roofing. Ask about their experience with the roofer.

  • Did they do what they said they would do?
  • Did they honor the price they quoted?
  • Did they complete the work in a timely manner?
  • Did they clean up when they were done?

Generally, you want to know if the company is reputable. You only want to hire a roofer who has a physical location and a permanent business address.

Avoid hiring any roofer who is working out of their vehicle and going door to door to garner business. You would have no way to track them down if there were issues from the work.

Hiring an Inexperienced Roofer

Putting a roof on your home is one time when experience truly matters. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a roofer who has no experience or even limited experience.

You want a Boise roofing company that has years in both total roof replacement and roof repair experience.

Don’t be shy or intimidated about asking about the experience of your roofer candidate. If they’re reluctant to share, walk away.

The roofing company you hire should be willing to share about their experience in the business and how your job is like others they have done.

Take Time to Read Online Reviews

Online customer reviews can provide you with a wealth of information. It’s actually surprising the number of consumers who don’t take the time to read online reviews.

It’s important to know how to approach reading reviews written by others.

For example, don’t give up on a roofer if you see one negative review. Remember, some people can be difficult to please, no matter what you do.

Instead, look for patterns in the comments. Look for the way the reviewer describes working with the roofer.

Licensed and Insured

Hiring a roofing company that is both licensed and insured is an absolute must. It should be a deal-breaker that has you walking away if they’re not a licensed roofing company and insured too.

Requirements vary from state to state and sometimes even by city. But when a roofing company gets licensed properly, it tells you, as the consumer, that they are serious about what they do.

You also need to ask to see their insurance paperwork. This tells you that you’re protected as the homeowner should there be damage or injury while the work is being completed.

Get a Written Quote

Of course, when you’re hiring any company to do work you want to consider the cost. You need the roofing company to provide you with a written quote.

You don’t want a verbal estimate that the roofer could then change mid-job.

An experienced roofer should be able to look at your current roof and measure. They should be able to calculate for both materials and man-hours and put this into their written quote.

Of course, be prepared for there to be some small fluctuations based on the cost of materials or cost for things like wood replacement.

Check on Roof Warranty Guarantees

It’s likely your roofer will talk with you about the material options you have for your roof. Most shingles come with long-term warranties. You want to know about these.

As important as a materials warranty is getting a workmanship warranty from the roofing company. You want to see their warranty in writing. Will they warranty the work and services they provide to you?

The warranty should cover things like potential issues with the installation or leaks. Any quality roofer will take responsibility for their work and want to provide the best service possible.

Choose Quality Over Cheapest Option

Of course, the cost of the new roof will be a big consideration. When comparing roofing costs though, resist the urge to choose simply based on price.

Some homeowners will get a series of quotes. Then they will look solely at the price listed and choose the cheapest.

Nobody will fault you for wanting a fair price. But cheapest often doesn’t mean the best.

It’s important to look at cost, then consider all of the other factors here when choosing.

You might want to hire a roofer who has an experienced crew that’s worked with them for years. This might mean a little more cost, yet you’re gaining years of valuable experience when they’re installing your roof.

Find the Best Boise Roofing Company

As you consider options for roofing companies, it’s worth the extra time to do your research on the company and avoid hiring the wrong company.

If you’re looking for a quality Boise roofing company, we can do the job for you. Let’s talk about your roofing needs. Get in touch with us to schedule a free roof inspection today.

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