Critical Roofing Issues That Demand an Immediate Call to Point Roofing Company in Boise

Homeowners rely on their roofs to keep their cherished items safe and dry. Our roofs are so reliable, many homeowners tend to take them for granted. Poor maintenance cuts years off the lifespan of a roof.

The most common roof problems stem from neglect. Someone needs to climb onto the roof at least once a year to inspect it.

Roofing problems aren’t something to do yourself without training. Falls from a roof can be fatal. One-third of the deaths during home building projects happen during roofing jobs.

Does your roof suffer from one of these common roofing issues? Contact a Boise roofing company to fix it before your family heirlooms are destroyed.

Damage from Ice Dams and Snow

Boise sees an average of about 18-inches of snow each winter. Locals get less than the national snowfall average but it still takes a toll on your roof.

Some years residents get over 6 inches of snow per day. Snow is heavy and can collapse the roof deck and trusses.

If your roof gives way under the weight from a massive snowstorm, leave the house. Contact a trusted Boise roofing company that does emergency work.

Do not wait to bring in professional help. The snowmelt will destroy your home. Clean-up after that kind of flooding will cost thousands of dollars.

Ice Dams

When the snow and ice on your roof’s peak melt into the frozen snow at the gutter, it makes a dam. The dam blocks all the water run-off and it puddles on your roof.

Standing water left on a roof will find its way to the roof deck in any way possible. Wet roof decks develop fungi that eat the wood. Over time it eats a hole in the roof deck and you’ve got a leaky roof.

Poor roof ventilation and insulation are the main causes of the ice dam problem. Warm air leaks into the attic space and heats the roof’s peak as it rises.

A roof with good ventilation circulates out the warm air. Sealing the attic and adding good insulation helps, as well.

Tree Limbs Destroy the Roof During a Storm

Anytime a storm has over 50 MPH winds, your home is in danger. At those wind speeds, entire trees may uproot and land on your roof. You’ve also got to worry about all the debris from your neighbor’s yard.

You can prepare your property for storms by trimming off dead tree branches. Any trees too close to your home should be taken out.

But no matter how hard you work, storms will still find a way to wreak havoc.

Once it’s safe to go outside, give your roof a visual inspection from the ground. Check for:

  • Loose shingles or tiles
  • Lifted flashing
  • Damage to vent pipes
  • Damage to the chimney
  • Lifted nails
  • Heavy branches or debris
  • Broken gutters

If it is safe to enter the house, check the attic for leaks. As you look for damage, take photos to document it. They’ll help insurance and repair teams fix your roof.

Do not climb onto the roof to inspect it. You may not notice a weak point and hurt yourself.

Old, Neglected Skylights Start Leaking

Skylights are a wonderful way to brighten up dark sections of the house. The problem with skylights is they create a weak spot in the roofing system.

When the roof heats up during the summer, it expands. During cold winters, the roofing materials shrink. The constant movement puts a strain on the point where roofing materials meet.

As the materials around the skylight move, it creates cracks in the waterproofing. Each year the cracks aren’t fixed, they get wider. By the time you notice the leak, you already have a mold problem in the ceiling.

Faulty Flashing

Flashing is metal or plastic pieces that seal the joints on the roof. It’s used on the roof’s peaks and valleys. You can also find flashing around the chimney and vent pipes.

Installing flashing takes a practiced hand. Roofers without the right training take shortcuts that don’t last. The shortcut usually involves sealing the joints with roofing cement.

The problem with roofing cement on joints is that it doesn’t flex when moving. The cement dries out and cracks during the summer. When winter arrives, the cracks leak water into your crawlspace.

To make sure your flashing won’t fail in less than a year, hire a quality roofing company. Look for a Boise roofing company that goes above and beyond with their training.

Ask the roofing company about new flashing technology. There might be an option that keeps your roof waterproof longer than traditional methods.

Sagging or Broken Gutters

Broken gutters are more than just an eyesore. Gutters are a vital part of your home’s drainage system.

Without gutters to collect rainwater and direct it away from your home, it would flood. Water tends to puddle at the base of exterior walls. Over time, the water seeps into cracks in the foundation.

Your home’s foundation will wick water into the basement through the cracks. The high humidity from the leak feeds harmful molds.

Once mold grows in your home, it spreads everywhere. The spores cling to your clothes and shoes, infesting every place you visit.

Family members with asthma are at risk of lung infections and asthma attacks. Even the healthy members of your family will feel the effects of mold exposure.

Don’t put off fixing the broken gutter for too long. The small foundation cracks will widen over time. One day you might wake to find a flooded basement.

Trust a Long-Time Boise Roofing Company to Fix Your Roofing Problems

If you don’t know what to do when roof leaks ruin your home, that’s okay. Reach out to a Boise roofing company for a little help with your roofing problems.

The professionals at Point Roofing and Restoration are on-call 24/7 to lend a hand. We take pride in our quick customer service. Our neighbors in Boise, ID are like family.

If you’re dealing with storm damage or other roofing problems, call us. We will inspect the damage to your roof for free.

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