Installing Gutters In The Winter- Is It Possible In The Boise, Idaho Area? Is It Advisable?

Gutters In The Winter- Is It Possible In The Boise, Idaho Area? Is It Advisable?

You probably would not plan on installing gutters in the winter. However, scheduling the job as soon as possible may become necessary. A professional roofing contractor can do it with experience working during winter weather conditions. Signs you need to act quickly are sagging gutters pulling away from the roof and fasteners missing or loose and falling out of the gutters.

Leaking gutters are also a sure sign a replacement is necessary. This could happen quickly due to a storm or slowly over time. Waiting too long to replace faulty gutters can result in damage to your home’s structure, siding, and even the foundation over time.

Effects of Winter on your Gutters

During freezing temperatures, there is a chance of blockages forming in your gutters. When the gutter becomes blocked by ice, water cannot flow to the downspouts. You may see icicles hanging over the side of the gutters. If there is a warm day, snow from your roof will melt, and water will run into the gutters. The water that cannot flow past the blockage will refreeze and add to the problem. Eventually, the gutters can become loose and pull away and even fall to the ground over time. Regular maintenance and cleaning help extend your gutters’ life, but extreme weather conditions and age can take a toll over time. You may notice seams separating or cracks appearing, especially in the areas where there are blockages.

Another danger of this situation is water backing up under your roof shingles and causing a rotting condition to the soffit and fascia. You will want to have the gutters inspected before that occurs and replace the gutters if necessary, no matter what time of year. The good news is that winter is a slow period for roofing contractors, and you can usually get this done in a reasonable amount of time.

Facts about Winter Gutter Replacement

  • Weather Conditions –The most common deterrent is inclement weather. Freezing temperatures, snow, and ice will prevent outside work, but with a bit of planning, an experienced contractor will be able to schedule your gutter replacement during better weather days.
  • Ground conditions –The ground must be able to support ladders and supplies without any risk of injury to workers or damage to materials. 
  • The Condition of your current Gutters- A large amount of ice or snow in the gutters may hinder the removal process. Trying to remove the fasteners can cause damage to wood or siding. A significant amount of snow or ice accumulated on the roof will delay the project because of potential runoff without the protection of gutters to divert the melting snow and ice away from your home.

Despite the challenges of winter construction, there are definite advantages. Here are several reasons to consider scheduling the project during this time:

Advantages To Installing Gutters In The Off-Season

  • Most roofing companies will have much more time available, so scheduling will be easier than in the busy summer months. Contractors are looking for work during the off-season.
  • Gutters replaced ahead of spring rains will make your spring cleanup much more manageable!
  • You may fend off a significant repair bill by replacing the gutters before there is an emergency, such as a leak causing structural damage.

Risks of Winter Gutter Replacement 

A professional roofer will recognize any potential problems during the inspection and inform you if any further repairs are necessary. You want to ensure the new gutters will have a long lifespan. If this is a concern, you can schedule the job for a later date at that time. Don’t be afraid to ask your roofer if waiting to replace the gutters will cause further damage. 


A local contractor with experience installing gutters in your area will be aware of the typical weather conditions and how to handle gutter replacement during the various seasons. 

Scheduling in advance is always recommended, but there are times when this is not possible, and a professional contractor will be happy to work with you when these situations arise. An experienced roofer will inspect your gutters and decide whether removing the old gutters will not cause damage during winter weather conditions and if installing new gutters can be done safely. 

Ask your contractor which type of gutter can handle the weather conditions in your part of the country.

Please contact Point Roofing and Restoration to discuss replacing your gutters. We have over two decades of service in the Boise area and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our experienced staff is waiting to answer all your questions concerning winter gutter replacement or any of our other services. Don’t let the winter months stop you from protecting your home! 

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