How Commercial Roofing in Boise Can Help With Ponding Water Issues

If you have a flat roof on your commercial building, melting ice and snow, as well as spring storms, could lead to water ponding—and that could mean trouble. Calling in professionals who do commercial roofing in Boise is in your best interest.

Allowing water to sit on your roof for extended periods of time could cause a lot of damage. Read on to discover the effects of ponding and how a commercial roofer can help with these issues.

What Is Ponding?

In essence, water ponding is an excessive accumulation of water. Typically, the water collects in a low-lying area and stays there for 48 hours or longer. This is often because the conditions aren’t right for it to dry.

Leaving the water to sit on your commercial roof can be dangerous. It can lead to a host of issues, including the deterioration of your roof’s membrane surface.

The worst-case scenario is that ponding results in the premature failure of your roof system. In simple terms: that means your roof collapses.

Here are some of the common water effects that could impact your roof.

Roof Damage

As the sun shines on water ponding on your roof, the water magnifies the UV rays. This leads to the premature aging of the membrane, which results in cracks, splits, and mineral loss.

Should the temperature fluctuate between freezing and warming up, the water can turn to ice, and then it can slide across the membrane on your roof. If that occurs, it will result in the membrane getting scratched.

Any of these problems means that the membrane is unable to create a barrier to keep water out of your building. You’ll then have to deal with leaks and other issues.

Deck Structure Deformation

Water can be heavy, and if it’s allowed to sit on the top of your roof, it can increase the load on the roof deck. The weight can then deform the deck, which will result in more water ponding on the surface of your roof.

If this is allowed to go on for too long, the weight from the water could be too much for the roof deck to bear. When that happens, it could result in the deck completely giving out. The results of which are roof collapse.

Vegetation Growth

Having standing water on your roof could create the perfect environment for algae and other vegetation to grow.

Either of these growing on your roof could damage the roof membrane. They can also increase the weight on the roof deck and clog drains, which can lead to more ponding.

Accumulation of Dirt, Debris, and Other Contaminants

Any of these elements accumulating on your roof could lead to problems. The one that should concern you the most is that these items will damage the roof membrane.

Although, they could also create the perfect environment for biological growth, which can increase the amount of weight on the roof deck.

Increased Chance of Water Infiltration

Should the membrane on your commercial roof get damaged, this leads to an increased risk of water leaking into your building. Since it’s already pooling on the surface, it won’t have anywhere else to go but in.

If this occurs, it can cause a lot of problems.

The water could impact the structural integrity of ceilings and walls, and it could get into the electrical system. Getting any of these issues repaired could be incredibly costly.

Thus, to prevent water roofs from occurring in the first place, it’s advised that you work with a professional to prevent water ponding.

How Commercial Roofing in Boise Can Help with Ponding

A commercial roofer has the skills and expertise to take on a variety of issues that might occur, including water ponding. Taking care of this problem as soon as possible could save you a lot of money and potential damage to your building.

Here’s how a commercial roofer can help.

They’ll Inspect the Roof

Having your roof inspected on a regular basis by a commercial roofer in Boise not only ensures that water isn’t ponding, but they can also discover other issues with the roof that can turn into serious problems. These inspections are usually done for free.

It’s no secret that having a commercial roof replaced can be incredibly expensive.

Imagine how much more it will cost if you also have to fix drywall, ceiling tiles, flooring, electrical issues, or replace computers because water had a chance to seep into the building. A professional will be able to find and fix these issues, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

They’ll Add the Right Components

Even though you have a flat roof on your building, it still needs some slopes and drains to ensure that water doesn’t have the opportunity to pond.

A professional will be able to add the right amount of slope to the structural frame or deck to ensure that water doesn’t pond. They’ll also place drains and scuppers where they need to go to ensure the water stays out of your building.

They’ll Use High-Quality Roofing Materials

In addition to having the right slope and number of drains on your commercial roof, it’s also beneficial to have high-quality roofing materials. These will reduce the chances of water ponding.

This might include having the right deck that can withstand various weights, as well as a membrane that keeps all moisture at bay. A professional will have the roofing materials that will ensure your roof drains properly and lasts for as long as possible.

Make the Call as Soon as Possible

Snow and ice are some of the main causes of water ponding in Boise, but they aren’t the only source. Rain and hail can also contribute to this problem, and the longer you let it go, the more damage is likely to occur.

The sooner you call in a professional for commercial roofing in Boise, the better it will be for your business.

At Point Roofing, we have the skills and ability to take care of any ponding issues you might have. Don’t wait until the problem results in roof deck damage or total roof collapse. We can get you an estimate in 24 hours and take care of all your commercial roofing needs. Call us today!

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