Let It Snow, But Don’t Let It Stay On Your Roof! 5 Ways Winter Hurts Your Roof

When winter arrives in the Boise area, snow and ice can wreak pure havoc on your roof, which could result in some seriously costly repairs.

Thankfully, there are some things you can be on the lookout for so you know when it’s time to  ncall for repair before it’s too late.

Read on for a list of five ways snow and ice can hurt your roof so you know how to protect your investment in advance.

1. Condensation Can Build in Your Attic

As snow and ice start to build upon your roof, it causes condensation that can slowly increase inside your attic. When this happens, the wood in your attic area can rot, resulting in serious structural issues and expensive repairs. Rotten wood can fall apart, and this can potentially cause your ceiling or attic to completely cave in.

When warm, moist air goes up to the attic area and comes in contact with colder air, frost and condensation results. If you already have higher levels of humidity in your home, the problem could be even worse. Monitor humidity levels in your attic to make sure they’re staying at a reasonable level.

Look for red flags like a sagging ridgeline, drooping ceilings, or even water leaks on the walls and ceilings, which are all signs of condensation buildup. All of these are serious indicators of potential problems as a result of high levels of attic condensation. Other symptoms could include jammed doors, cracked walls near the center of the home, or unusual creaking sounds.

2. Snow and Ice Can Cause Stress to Your Roof

During periods of heavy snow, the weight of this precipitation can cause some serious stress on your roof. If you don’t remove snow and ice from your roof as soon as possible, you run the risk of the entire roof collapsing or cracking.

As snow accumulates, it becomes dense and heavy. This can add significant weight to your roof, which is likely not capable of handling such a heavy load.

When ice sits on top of your roof, it can form large blocks that may also add a lot of weight to the roof and cause a cave-in. It’s important to choose the best roofing company and material available to ensure that your roof is installed correctly before winter strikes.

3. The Freeze-Thaw Cycle Can Create Cracks

When snow and ice accumulate, water can seep into the cracks and crevices of your roof. Over time, this moisture will freeze, then thaw, causing the roof to expand and contract.

As your roof goes through this freeze and thaw cycle, cracks can become larger, resulting in a serious leak. You might not even notice this as a problem until it’s much too late and water is coming down from your ceiling.

Take a close look at your roof throughout the winter and inspect it for any visible signs of cracking. Even tiny cracks can expand when water freezes and cause your shingles to shift, resulting in expensive repairs and dangerous damage. Check with our roofers in Boise, Idaho to schedule a roof inspection so you can have peace of mind.

4. Problems with Your Gutters

The accumulation of ice and snow can do more than just cause damage to your roof, it can also create problems for your gutters. As water from slowly-melting ice and snow gets to your gutters, it can re-freeze and weigh the gutters down.

When frozen water sits in your gutters, it can create something called an ice dam. This common winter occurrence can seriously damage your gutters, which in turn can also damage your home.

If the gutters cannot properly drain or direct water away from your home, you could experience leaks inside. The weight of ice may also cause the gutters to detach from the side of your home. Always consult the best roofing company near you to inspect and repair your gutters to prevent the possibility of further damage.

5. Visible Damage

While your roof is made to protect you and your home, it also plays an important role in how your home looks. As the winter weather bears down, harsh precipitation can cause visible, unsightly damage to your roof.

Even if you don’t experience leaks or other serious problems, something as small as missing shingles or roof tiles can make your home look unattractive. Cold nights and warmer days will cause the roofing material to shift as water and snow expand and contract.

Other weather conditions like heavy wind can also do damage to your roof and may blow shingles off. A cracked roof or missing shingles can cause issues with your curb appeal and make your home appear unkempt. Pay close attention to your roof throughout the winter and schedule regular inspections when possible to remain sure your roof is intact and in good condition.

Protect Your Roof This Winter

Since snow and ice are quite common in the Boise area, it’s crucial to know what to look for when it comes to potential problems with your roof. Whether you have too much condensation in your attic or an issue with your gutters, know the signs to protect your home.

If you’re ever unsure about the state of your roof, choose a roof repair company who can assess the problem and get it fixed quickly.

For more information about our roofing services and what we offer, visit our website today and contact us for a free inspection.

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