Mechiella “M.J.” La Pointe

Mechiella “M.J.” La Pointe has lived in Idaho her entire life except for 2 years she spent in Oregon. Her favorite thing about Idaho is it’s incredible beauty, and how everyone you meet is so nice. M.J. loves exploring the country and traveling by R.V. As much as she loves traveling, she says, “It is always awesome to come home!”

Mechiella and her husband, Mike, started Point Roofing in 2-12. Prior to Point, M.J. had always worked in customer service for large corporations, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Apple, and even Cracker Barrel. Now, at Point Roofing & Restoration, she handles all of the day to day operations.

M.J.’s favorite thing about her career at Point Roofing is helping people keep their homes dry and worry free. M.J. has found that people always expect construction to be awful. She enjoys working to make the roofing construction process as easy and painless as possible for her customers. At Point Roofing, M.J.’s goal is to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied and had a great experience.

One of M.J.’s proudest accomplishments is seeing her company and family grow. Speaking of family, they are one of the things that brings M.J. the most laughter. M.J. says, Mike and their son George are both so goofy… especially when they are together!

One thing we ask everyone here at Point Roofing & Restoration:

“If you had a warning label, what would yours say?” M.J.’s Answer…

“Warning! May talk your ears off!”

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