Michael La Pointe

Michael “Mike” La Pointe is Co-Owner of Point Roofing & Restoration along with his wife, MJ. Mike’s responsibilities include daily operations, coordinating projects, and quality control. Mike has been in the roofing / construction industry for about 15 years. He started from the bottom as a young kid, learning everything he possibly could.

With his career in full swing, Mike loves being able to solve problems and be creative with his workmanship. He loves working with homeowners, business owners, and all clients to help protect their biggest investments, always providing top-notch quality work. Mike & Point Roofing make sure their projects stand out by committing to using only the best materials and best installers in the business.

On the personal side, Mike has lived in Idaho for about 13 years, As a young kid he and his family traveled and bounced around quite a bit which, fortunately, allowed him to see a lot of the country.

Mike has always called Idaho home and always will. He loves the mountains and the small town feel of Idaho, especially the outdoors, fishing, camping, hiking. As Mike says, “What a great place to live for all of that!”

What makes Mike laugh? He says, “My son George is 2 years old, there is never a dull moment with him. He is the funniest little guy!”

As for Mike’s proudest accomplishment, he says, “My family and business. I am very proud of what we have built together, and we continue to balance and conquer our goals.”

As for the question asked of every Point team member…
If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Mike’s reply…

“Warning – Under Construction!”

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