What Is A Roof Overlay

Replacing your roof is one of the biggest investments you can make for your home. In fact, the average cost of a roof replacement is $11,992.

However, many homeowners simply cannot afford this significant cost. To cut down the costs of a roof replacement, many homeowners choose to do a roof overlay rather than tearing off their roof.

Do you want to learn more about getting a roof overlay? Keep reading this article to learn more about the roof overlay cost, process, and more.

What Is a Roof Overlay

When you are replacing a roof, you typically need to tear off the existing roof to replace the entire thing. However, an overlay roof simply puts a second layer of shingles on top of your existing roof.

This is commonly done to help homeowners save money on roofing costs, as it is less expensive when compared to a tear-off.

However, it is important to note that a roof can only support two layers of shingles, so this can only be done on a roof that doesn’t already have an overlay. While a roof overlay can save you money, it may not be the right choice for each homeowner.

For example, you may not be able to do a flat roof overlay if there is any structural damage to your roof or if you have any current leaks. If your roof is in great condition, a roof overlay is a better choice. To make sure you are a good candidate for a roof overlay, you can schedule a consultation with your roofing company.

Tear Off vs Overlay Roof

When you are considering getting a new roof vs an overlay, there are a few key differences that set them apart.

First, you need to consider the method of roof replacement. For a tear-off, the roofing company will tear off the existing layer of your roof and put on a completely new roof. For overlays, you completely skip past the tear-off stage and simply install a second layer of shingles.

Another big difference between these types of roof replacements is the time and money that it takes for tearing off a roof or doing a roof overlay. Typically, a tear-off will cost more and will take more time to complete than a roof overlay.

Finally, a tear-off roof and an overlay roof differ in their durability. Typically, shingles that are overlaid on an existing roof will not last as long as roofs that are completely replaced.

Roof Overlay Cost

Because a roof overlay saves so much time on tearing off and preparing the roof, it is typically much less expensive than a new roof. In fact, when comparing the costs for a new roof vs overlay, a roof overlay can cost about 25% less than a tear-off.

While this is an easy way to save money on roof replacements, it may lead to increased future replacement costs. This is because there will be multiple layers that need to be removed in the future and it will typically take more time.

If you will be staying in your home for several years, it may be a better option to replace the entire roof now rather than having to replace it twice.

You may also want to consider the costs of maintenance and repairs. While overlays are less expensive, they may require more maintenance and may not last as long as other roofs.

Benefits of an Overlay Roof

One of the biggest benefits of getting a roof overlay is the lower cost. As was mentioned before, it costs much less to replace your roof without tearing off the original roof. This is the main reason why many people choose to get a roof overlay.

Similarly, a roof overlay doesn’t take as much time. When you are getting your roof replaced, it can take several days until it is finished. If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, it can be concerning to have an open roof.

However, you can get your roof replaced with an overlay and not have to deal with a lengthy construction project.

Drawbacks of an Overlay Roof

There are also a few drawbacks to choosing an overlay roof. It is important to consider these drawbacks before choosing a roof replacement method.

First, it can be more difficult and more expensive to replace down the road. This is because there are two sets of shingles to tear off. This takes much longer, so the labor costs will be more expensive the next time you have to replace your roof.

Next, it may lead to long-term problems. Because you are not tearing off the existing layer of shingles, you will not be able to inspect the roof beneath them. If there are any problems with your roof, they can be harder to detect and fix.

Finally, it may affect the resale value of your home negatively. Replacing your entire roof can increase the value of your home, but an overlay roof may deter buyers. This is because they will have to replace the roof after only a few years of living in the home.

Need a Roof Overlay In Treasure Valley, Idaho?

A roof overlay is a less expensive alternative to tearing off your roof and replacing the entire thing. While it may not last as long as other roofing methods, it is a good option if you do not have the budget for an entire reroof.

However, you must hire a professional roofing company to do your roof overlay. If you need to replace your roof in Idaho, Point Roofing and Restoration can help.

Contact us to learn about the benefits of an overlay roof and schedule a free inspection with our team!

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