What Is A Workmanship Warranty Anyway? What Type Does Point Roofing Offer?

What Is A Workmanship Warranty Anyway? What Type Does Point Roofing Offer?

Installing a new roof is a significant investment. As such, you should ensure you have adequate warranty protection. A reputable contractor should be able to offer solid warranties, including a workmanship warranty on their craft. You should be aware of different types of roofing warranties as a homeowner in Boise, Idaho. 

Roofing warranties can seem complicated at first glance. However, understanding your coverage options helps you make informed decisions on your roofing contractor and materials. This article explores roofing warranties and the types that Point Roofing offers.

Types of Roofing Warranties


There are three main types of roofing warranties: workmanship warranty, standard manufacturer’s warranty, and extended manufacturing warranty. A workmanship warranty is a type of warranty contractors implement to protect homeowners from poor-quality work that may require costly repairs or roof replacement

The roofer who installs your roof plays an essential role in the roof’s performance and lifespan. Reputable roofing companies stand behind their roof installation process with a workmanship warranty. 

This type of warranty’s length may vary depending on the roofer. A roofing contractor’s track record of quality work, commitment to client satisfaction, and industry experience often influence the type of workmanship warranty they offer.

A standard manufacturer’s warranty covers the roofing products you purchase and install. The industry standard is a basic limited lifetime warranty. The degree of coverage you get depends on the manufacturer and the specific warranty terms. 

A manufacturer’s warranty typically covers the cost of defective or sub-standard materials. The initial coverage includes installation or replacement costs. This type of warranty covers factory defects. They do not protect you from installation damages or problems caused by other components your roofing contractor installed. You get this type of protection from a workmanship warranty.

An extended manufacturer’s warranty offers comprehensive coverage, including roofing products and installation. Authorized contractors provide this type of warranty. The contractors are certified to install the new roof based on the installation requirements stipulated by the manufacturer. 

Extended manufacturer warranties have additional costs and usually require the installation of a full roofing system. They provide coverage for all roof system components, defective materials, and installation errors.

What Does Workmanship Warranty Cover?

A solid workmanship warranty protects you against roofing failures resulting from improper installation or worker errors. This is regardless of the length of the coverage terms. A workmanship warranty usually covers the cost of materials and labor necessary to make any repairs. 

If any roofing components fail due to improper installation, the contractor is responsible for fixing them. Also, a workmanship warranty may cover related damages to your home’s interior, personal effects, and furnishings. They typically exclude any issues that do not arise from the installation process.

A workmanship warranty should ideally last as long as your roofing materials. The length of this type of roofing warranty varies depending on the roofing company. The most common terms include 2, 5, 10, and 25 years. Some contractors offer limited lifetime warranties. 

The length of a workmanship warranty helps you understand the degree of protection you will enjoy on your new roof. The longer a contractor can stand behind their craftsmanship, the more confidence they have that they did the job right. 

If contractors trust the quality of their work, they have no problem offering solid workmanship warranties of 10 years and above. This is one of the most important considerations when choosing your roofing contractor and among the benefits of the warranties Point Roofing offers.

What Type of Roofing Warranty Does Point Roofing Offer?

As a leading roofing contractor in Boise, Idaho, Point Roofing and Restoration offers a variety of industry roofing warranties. The warranties you can choose depend on your residential roofing project. Point Roofing offers workmanship warranties, standard product limited warranties, and extended warranties. 

Our workmanship warranty offers coverage of up to 10 years. All Point Roofing installations are conducted per manufacturer specifications. Our installers also adhere to all relevant building codes to ensure the best quality work. 

The standard product limited warranty offers limited lifetime coverage against defective roofing products. Point Roofing works with top manufacturers, such as Owens Corning, to provide standard coverage for single-family homes. Products under this type of warranty typically have a life expectancy of up to 50 years. 

Point Roofing also offers preferred protection and platinum protection limited lifetime warranties. These are extended coverage warranties that protect you from defective materials, roof blow-offs, and improper installation.

Overall, a workmanship warranty is a crucial aspect of your roof investment. Any roofing contractor worth considering should be able to stand by their work through a solid workmanship warranty. Are you looking for reputable and highly reliable residential roofing services in Boise, Idaho?

Point Roofing and Restoration ensures that we protect your roof investment through top-quality work and workmanship warranties to back it. Our skilled and experienced team of roofers is highly confident in our craft, with our solid warranties as a testament. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our residential roofing services and warranties.

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