Ladder Assist Services

Fully Trained Certified & Experienced

As one of the largest roofing companies in the Boise area, Point Roofing and Restoration offers ladder assist services to the surrounding communities. Having worked closely with the insurance industry since its beginning, Point Roofing and Restoration knows how to provide ladder assist service options when needed. With a dedicated team of HAAG Certified inspectors, we have the skill and equipment required to inspect any roof regardless of how steep or tall it is. Following our inspection, we provide a detailed report with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our ladder assist service can be used for commercial inspections, residential inspections, and emergency tarp installation. Our qualified employees are certified in inspecting and servicing all types of roofs. They know what to look for when there is an issue or a repair that needs to be made. If storm damage is the reason for the inspection, our team will look for signs of hail, wind, or water damage. You can trust Point Roofing and Restoration to get the inspection done right!

Commercial Inspections

Commercial roofs require special inspections, and our team at Point Roofing and Restoration can thoroughly inspect any type of commercial roofing material. From shingle to flat and low-slope, the Point Roofing and Restoration team will provide a detailed report based on our findings.

Residential Inspections

Residential inspections are the most common type of ladder assist inspection service that we do. Years of expertise will mean a quick turnaround from our inspection to the detailed report. We understand all types of residential roofs, including shingle, low slope, flat, tile, solar and more. We have become a very trusted source of residential ladder assist services.

Emergency Tarping

When a severe storm moves through our area, it can often leave a path of destruction in its wake. At Point Roofing and Restoration, our ladder assist team will work after the storm to provide emergency tarp installation over damaged or exposed roofing materials. We want to keep your property and loved ones safe and dry. Once called, we will work quickly to get your property protected with the temporary tarp. After the emergency tarp installation, Point Roofing and Restoration will work with you and your insurance company to get your roof repaired or replaced.